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Being an effectual tea specialist has evolved beyond handing a cup and teabag to a customer. Knowledge of tea and its components is vital for success. Some key skills that are relevant when training or becoming a tea specialist in today’s competitive retail environment are:

  • Cupping.
  • Processing.
  • Blending.
  • Creating flavored teas.
  • Understanding tisanes and herbal teas role on a menu.
  • Understanding regulatory compliance.
  • Knowing the cultural aspects of tea and how they are manifested at origin.

World Tea Academy Live’s Tea Craftsman Certification Program at the 2018 World Tea Expo will take students beyond the basic mechanics of tea service to the next level of tea mastery.

It is a two-day course. The first day covers the history of tea production and culture and an overview of the six types of tea, the grading, cupping and evaluation of tea, and more. Day two covers traditional countries of origin for tea in-depth, how herbal tisanes differ from tea, as well as how to create blended teas and evaluate flavoring.

Scott Svihula of Hula Consulting who will teach the course said, “This seminar was developed to help front line tea and coffee staff become more knowledgeable about tea production at origin, cultural influence of tea at origin, how to properly evaluate tea quickly and efficiently, how to create your own unique tea blends and herbs, and how herbal teas and tisane play a role in your tea menu.”

This course is perfect for teahouse and tea shop owners who want to improve their frontline staff’s effectiveness by providing them with the knowledge they need to impart to customers. It is also a good course for coffee roasters who would like to expand their business offerings to include tea. This tea craftsman knowledge will set the staff and the business apart from the rest.

“Unlike many other seminars this intermediate two-day seminar offers some unique aspects like lead cuppings, flavor evaluating, and every tea and herb used in the class you get to take home with you, over 50-plus items, to immediately start to craft your own teas or review the training with other staff.”

World Tea Academy Live
Tea Craftsman Certification Program
June 10-11, 2018

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